Maintenance Tips

Air filter

The air filter should be clean and in good condition in order to stop dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the engine. It is recommended that you clean or change the air filter every 25 hours or once a season, whichever comes first. Pleated-paper air filters have to be replaced, they should not be cleaned and reused. Foam air filters can be cleaned with hot water and dish detergent then wrung dry and saturated with engine oil before reinstalling into the mower.

Fuel filter

Fuel filters can be removed and cleaned of residue, however if there is debris clogging the mesh screen inside the filter, replace it. Some fuel filters are located in the fuel line and others are located inside the fuel tank.


The oil level in lawn mowers should be checked after 8 hours of use and changed every 50 hours of use or once every season. Fresh oil is a golden or amber color and as it gets old and used it will turn darker.

Two-cycle Oil

The right fuel mix oil can make the difference between a top performing, reliable engine and a high-maintenance, low powered engine. A good two-cycle engine oil incorporates powerful detergents that quickly remove existing carbon deposits, without sacrificing lubrication or film strength, and protects against future buildups. Lawnmower Headquarters sells only the best two cycle oil mixes from Echo, Stihl, and Kawasaki.

Fuel stabilizer in winter

Lawn mowers require clean, fresh fuel for best performance from the engine. During the off season when your lawn mower is being stored the fuel should either be drained from the lawn mower or a fuel stabilizer should be added to prevent clogs in the carburetor


The cutting blade located under the deck should be checked regularly for damage, bends, and dullness. Blade(s) can be sharpened several times before they need to be replaced. It is recommended to change the blade(s) every 1-3 years, depending on the amount of use it gets.

Cleaning undercarriage

Wash off any grass and debris on the deck and the undercarriage of the lawn mower with a hose and car wash or dish detergent, if needed, after every use to prevent buildup. Remember to tip the lawn mower so that the carburetor is up in the air.

Battery maintenance

Some lawn mowers have a battery which should be charged regularly for optimal performance. At the end of the season or when being stored the battery should be removed and stored in a cool, dry area.

Change belt periodically

The drive belts will wear and stretch over time, if it is worn replace it.

Hydraulic filters

It is recommended to change the hydraulic filter after the first 250 hours and then annually after that.